Best Public Golf Courses in Oregon

Golf in Oregon is somewhat overshadowed by the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort 240 miles southwest of Portland hard on the Pacific Ocean. You'd be short-changed in golf experiences however, if you miss Oregon's other best public golf courses. They are dispersed along the Pacific from California to the Washington border to those in the Bend/Redmond, resort area as well as those centered near the Salem and Portland population centers.

The top golf courses in Oregon are enriched by their settings on the Pacific, incorporated within the Cascades, or in the many remote population outposts where the best public golf courses in this guide are found. The most notable public golf courses include Pumpkin Ridge Ghost Creek in the Portland area, Pronghorn Resort, Black Butte, and the courses at Sunriver Resort in Bend and Redmond resort areas, or Eagle Point or Running Y Ranch in the remote south.

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