Best Public Golf Courses in Louisiana

Louisiana possesses a unique blend of cultures unlike anywhere in the United States. Its genetic base is a host of Native American tribes followed by the first European explorers from Spain and those who arrived from France. Later, the loyalists from Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick, an area known as Acadia, now Louisiana's “Cajuns.” arrived, and finally, after Haiti's independence in 1790 from France, the displaced French and their slaves made their way to Louisiana.

This immigration stew has yielded a variety of cuisines across the “Sportsman's Paradise” and transcended into an equal diversity of golf courses dispersed on either side of the broad Mississippi River. Louisiana's best public golf courses and golf resorts in this guide tend to be along the lowlands and wetlands of the south and bordering the Mississippi River, although many are incorporated into the deep woods and rolling land contours of the north. They feature courses such as the Bluffs on Thompson Creek, the TPC Louisiana, Black Bear, and Carter Plantation as well as those on Louisiana's Audubon Golf Trail.

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