Best Public Golf Courses in Kentucky

Kentucky is known for tobacco, horses, whiskey, and the gold at Fort Knox. It's predominately hilly, ranging from the coal fields of the Appalachians on the east to rolling Bluegrass and Cumberland Plateau in the center to the plains region along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers on the west.

Many of the top public golf courses and resorts in Kentucky are gathered near the major cities. In Covington just outside Cincinnati there's Lassing Point, the Golf Courses of Kenton County, and Boone Links. Near Lexington you'll find the University Club of Kentucky and Cherry Blossom, and in Louisville Heritage Hill is superb. The best public golf courses in this guide for Kentucky would also include the collection of golf courses located in Kentucky's State Park System which leads off with Wasioto Winds, My Old Kentucky Home, Dale Hollow, plus other fine layouts.

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