369 Harvey Road
Foxburg, PA 16036
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Photo of Foxburg Golf Club Foxburg PA

Foxburg Golf Club

Foxburg Golf Club is 60 miles north of Pittsburgh just off and south of I-80, and known as the oldest, continuously operated golf club in the United States.

The course opened in 1887 after Joseph Mickle Fox, a wealthy Mainliner from Philadelphia was in England for a cricket match and happened along a golf course there. Upon his return home he developed the course at the site of his summer estate on land that was received in a deal with William Penn. Fox was owed money by Penn and to satisfy the debt Penn offered Fox as much land as he could walk in a day to call it square. Fox evidently hired a fast Indian to walk off the boundaries, and the land for the golf course was born. The course remains nine holes on a hilly site with heavily wooded ancient oak lined fairways on an bluff above the Allegheny River. The course is short, the fairways narrow, the bunkers few, and the greens small.

In addition to the golf club, the clubhouse is home to the American Golf Hall of Fame, which was an ill-fated attempt by a couple of developers to make Foxburg a tourist stop. It never took off but the memorabilia is still there, and if you're any kind of an historic buff it's a treat. It is located in the Golf Club's log clubhouse's second floor and overlooks the River valley housing a collection of hickory clubs and memorabilia that are priceless.