4429 N 79th St
Kansas City, KS 66109
Price to Play
$25 - $50

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Photo of Brough Creek National Golf Course Kansas City KS

Brough Creek National Golf Course

Brough Creek National, aka, Some Guys Backyard, is located on the northwest quadrant of Kansas City inside I-435 just south of the Missouri River.

The course was built by hand by Ben Hotaling, Zach Brough, and Corbin Mihelica on Zach's 3.5 acre backyard with a tractor and a chainsaw. Trees and foliage were cleared, lilliputian greens were established, sand traps excavated, and the golf course was born. There are seven crisscrossing holes ranging from 58 to 116 yards. The 2nd was inspired by St. Andrew's Road Hole with its tee shot over a barn, and the 4th with its Biarritz sliver of a green both providing some historical linkage.